Om Bharatiya

Software Development Engineer @ HashedIn

Welcome to my Site!

June 25, 2020

Namaste! I’m a Software Engineer and here to build some resilient softwares and systems. Let me quickly introduce myself without wasting your bytes.

I ❤️ to build, else there’s nothing more exciting about me!

I written my first code when I was in class 8th. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of solving problems using software systems. I love Physics & Mathematics as well but am little biased for Computer Science. This was a reason I dropped out from Degree in Physics Hons and got into Computer Science & Engineering. I have been a well known guy in computer labs in my college and have fond for MOOCs. I write code in C++, Python, Java and JavaScript. Even I learnt C# & Objective-C out of curiosity to learn app and game development during college.

My first industrial exposure was with Microsoft, when I was selected for the Student Partner Program and got hands on with Cloud & AI. Ever since then my love for this field became stronger and I did few Hackathons & community engagements as well that helped me gain confidence in the field.

After one hackathon, I got opportunity to intern in the Software Development & AI team of ISRO and worked on Deep Learning with CNN for Image semantic analysis and applications.

Later I joined HashedIn, a SaaS product based startup company, and have been a valuable Full Stack developer since then. I play key role in design & development of Microservice based applications. My day to day job involves developing REST APIs in DJango and Python, building interactive React Applications & using Docker & AWS services for deployment. I’ve worked on noSQL databases including InfluxDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, and RDBs like Postgres for my applications. I’m keen of learning in-depth of systems and models. I see myself as a learner and I always engage myself by enrolling for trending courses and completing.

Other than being a Software Engineer, I love to get into discussions on Business, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy & Socialpreneurship.

I’d prefer to discuss building product and innovative idea on coffee/beer than partying over weekend.

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